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Feb. 8th, 2010



I've never needed therapy or any kind of consult before. I've always been able to handle stress, I've never been depressed (except possibly for the summer between my Freshman and Sophomore/Junior year of college, though I didn't realize until much later), and I've never been anxious before this year. Judging by my constant melancholy buzzkill LJ posts, you might be able to tell that things aren't peachy in Brooklyn, NY right now. So today, I went to visit the shrink for the first time.

His name is Oscar Rodriguez. He was featured in NYMag not for his psychiatry practice, but for his amazing fur hat. The appointment took about twenty minutes and went something like this:

ShrinkCollapse )

So that's that. I need help coping. This appointment might sound appalling or terrible to those that have had therapy really work for them, but for me, I think this is what I need. Something temporary to get me through this rough patch. I hope things get better, even slightly, now that I have some help.

Aug. 13th, 2009


Does anyone have or know where to get Free YA books?

Hi F-list,

So if you're a member of either newyorkers or nyc_for_free, this post will be insufferably redundant, and I'm sorry if it's popped up on your F-list for the third time now.

But if you're not, here's my plea:

I'm going to be teaching 6th grade Humanities in a relatively new middle school in Brooklyn. The student population is 98% free/reduced lunch, which affords myself and the other teachers some grant money from the government, but not nearly enough to compile the kind of in-class libraries we want for our students. All of my student resources are Social Studies-centric, but in this position, I will be teaching both English Language Arts and Social Studies. I'd like to bolster my anemic Young Adult book collection with books primarily targeted for grades 4 - 7. (Their reading levels are all over the map, but generally below or approaching 6th grade level.)

So far, I've checked:

  • Discount bins at public libraries in NYC and NJ
  • The Strand
  • Craigslist
  • Donors Choose (I am going to write a formal proposal with my department at the beginning of the school year)
I've had some luck with libraries and The Strand, but not so much with Craigslist. So my questions are:

1. Can you think of other sources in NYC (or even NJ) that I can find free or really discounted age-appropriate books to stock my class library?
2. Do you happen to have any age-appropriate books that you want to donate/want out of your garage or storage space? I'm happy to come pick them up in the coming weeks or even after the school year starts.
3. If you know of anyone who might be interested in donating age-appropriate books they don't need anymore, can you let me know?


Jul. 29th, 2009


This is exactly what is going to happen tomorrow

That. Is eerie.

Jul. 18th, 2009


Least Fun Internet Quiz Ever

I take back what I said. Real apartment hunting is DEFINITELY less cool than fantasy apartment hunting. I was going to make this big, long post seeking advice as to what I should do about my housing situation given my circumstances, but instead, three questions, and responses, regardless of familiarity with living in NYC, are appreciated:

1. Assuming all apartments are about the same price, would you rather...

A) Live in a small-ish 2 bedroom apartment in relatively safe area of Manhattan that is close to vibrant nightlife and has convenient transportation to all of what Manhattan has to offer, but also happens to be a lengthy commute from your job (45 minutes to an hour by subway);

B) A nice apartment (hardwood floors, large bedrooms, possibly a brownstone) in a neighborhood-y area of Brooklyn with nice architecture and a lot of young people, cafes, bars, produce markets, parks, and cultural attractions, but it also is a 30 minute commute to downtown Manhattan 
and still a lengthy commute to your job (45 minutes by subway/bus);

C) Live in a completely new, modern condo with brand new appliances and a chef's kitchen, a terrace, balconies, huge bedrooms, well-designed interior, and large living room area that conveniently located from your job (10-20 min by subway/bus/walking) but happens to be in a more removed, developing, formerly-industrial area of Brooklyn that does not have much of a community or nightlife and is a bit sketch in reputation

2. Would you rather...

A) Live with a flatmate in a 2 bedroom apartment and save about $200+ a month in the process, but also deal with their neuroses and irksome habits (if they have them)

B) Live with two flatmates in a 3 bedroom apartment and save about $300+ a month in the process, but also deal with double the neuroses and irksome habits (if applicable)

C) Live by yourself, pay slightly more than you should, possibly face momentary bouts of loneliness and misanthropy, but have a nice apartment all to yourself?

3. Are you...

A) not at all a
B) kind of a 
C) a major

douche b if you live in Manhattan (where real estate typically cost more per sq foot) to Brooklyn? Why or why not?

In other news, I'm in Maine for the weekend with my parents and jujukoo. Lobsters eaten so far: 1. Ridiculous New England accents heard so far: ~.

Jul. 1st, 2009


My Life, by JK Rowling

The principal of the school I interviewed/did a demo lesson at finally called and told me that they love me, that my references were outstanding, that my demo lesson was fantastic, and that they think I am perfect for their school. And then she said that she can't officially hire me until the teacher that is leaving his position (6th grade Humanities) gets a new position in another school. Once again, I kind of have a job, but I kind of don't. And now we play the waiting game. Again.

So basically:

Voldemort = Me
Professor Quirrell = Living in New Jersey
Sorcerer's Stone = Job
Harry Potter = New Teacher Hiring Freeze
Blood of Unicorns = Dwindling bank account/Dwindling Collection of Unicorn Blood

Jun. 29th, 2009


She is way too genius for MMIAF

: Would you be angry if I became Mormon?
Mom: No. I just wouldn't talk to you ever again.
Me: What if the man I loved were Mormon?
Mom: Well, he would love you. And someone else. And someone else.

She cracks me up.

Apr. 14th, 2009


Writer's Block: Looking Back

LiveJournal is turning 10 and we're feeling nostalgic. What was your first LJ post about?
My first entry was written when I was thirteen years old. The Friday, 13 July 2001 inaugural post is titled, "Canadian Cousins and White People." In the post, I displayed my latent frustration with racism and stereotyping with rudimentary observational and largely hypocritical humor, which I still do today. I basically started a livejournal while I was on vacation in Vancouver for the sole purpose of lightheartedly poking fun at my oblivious relatives... which I also still do today.

Jesus H. Christ I have not changed one bit over the last 8 years. This is both immensely disappointing and a great relief.

Apr. 12th, 2009


I like this meme!

The Post Your Drive Meme, courtesy of boobookittyass !

Post ten (10 Only) pictures currently on your hard drive that you think are self-expressive.


They must ALREADY be on your hard drive; no Googling or Flickr! They have to be saved to your folders sometime in the past and be something you've saved because it resonated with you for some reason. They can be of anything or anyone; family, friends, macros, maps, movie stars... anything that expresses you and your life or personality.

I love this meme!

Feb. 24th, 2009



Dopstathon: you are a self promoter to the max

Oh how right he is. New song! It's called "Do I Want To" and it sounds summery. I actually really like it even though I have some crazy pitch/tempo issues going on. Wuteva.

In other news, in the past two nights I have only gotten 7 hours of sleep total. What's that about? lollylol.

Feb. 22nd, 2009


(no subject)

New Post at HOWTOBEANEWYORKER. CliffsNotes version: I am a creeper. Basically, this is nothing you did not already know.

I spent all day recording a new song that I love, except the recording sucks, and I'm getting really frustrated. Boo.

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